What Kind of Ancestors Do You Want to Be?: Sea Level Rise and Heritage Sites in Florida

Presented by:
Uzi Baram
In-person Presentation Needs:
Computer, Projector
Presentation Length:
40 Minutes

Program Details

New weather patterns, larger storms, and rising sea levels are challenging communities and transforming conventional thinking. Archaeologists document the shifting seascape’s destruction of archaeological and historical sites and offer long-term perspectives on human adaptation and maladaptation to environmental changes. This presentation is global in scope and includes Floridian archaeological perspectives.

About Uzi

Uzi Baram is a Professor of Anthology and founding Director of the Public Archaeology Lab at New College of Florida. His recent projects focus on the recovery of an early 19th-century maroon community, heritage interpretations for a county park, and building community resilience through heritage in an age of rising sea levels. His current book is Historical Archaeology of the Sunshine State.

Contact Information and Details:

  • Phone: 941-549-0018
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