We can feel the tectonic shifts occurring in our country’s civic life—where the once unthinkable specter of political violence isn’t as unimaginable as it once was, where too many of us think of fellow citizens as direct threats to us, and where what were once durable institutional guardrails simply are not holding. 

We’ll be joined by the extraordinary Rachel Brown, the Founder of Over Zero—named in reference to the “zero-sum game” that exists in sporting events, but becomes dangerous when it overtakes a society, as it has ours. Over Zero was founded to prevent identity-based violence and other forms of group-targeted harm around the world—and here at home. Rachel is one of the wisest, steadiest voices of our time in guiding us away from dangerous (but human) reactions, and toward calmer times.

The program is facilitated by Dr. Theodore R. Johnson, author of the book “When The Stars Begin to Fall.”