Rose Weiss: Mother of Miami Beach

Presented By Carrie-Sue Ayvar

Rose Weiss (1886-1974), “Mother of Miami Beach” as she became known, never planned on being a pioneer. She just did “what needed doing!” When she arrived in 1919 Miami Beach was not much more than a sparsely populated sandbar and much “needed doing!” With persistence and a smile, this feisty, compassionate Jewish mother began at once to transform it and along the way created jobs, fought prejudice, helped the needy, gave the city its motto and even designed the city’s flag! Chautauqua Scholar, Carrie Sue Ayvar, brings this remarkable woman to life, demonstrating the personality and attitude that impacted Miami Beach and Florida so greatly. Q & A allows the audience to interact and learn more.

How is it that an Arabic surnamed, Eastern European Jewish girl from Pittsburgh, PA tells multicultural stories in Spanish and English? Perhaps it is because she is a 3rd generation award-winning storyteller who came of age in Mexico. Blending traditional, international & personal tales, bilingual storyteller Carrie Sue Ayvar (EYE-BAR) takes her listeners on a journey into the imagination connecting people, languages and cultures through her stories that flow effortlessly between Spanish and English. Her dramatic programs range from one-woman historical presentations to interactive folktales and stories in Spanish and English.

Recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Oracle Award winner for Service and Leadership, she is a nationally acclaimed bilingual storyteller dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of storytelling. A Chautauqua scholar and Kennedy Center trained Artist in Education, her performances blend entertainment and education. Carrie Sue loves to share some of Florida’s unique history with audiences throughout the state.

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