A Defense of Truth: “The Constitution of Knowledge” with Jonathan Rauch

Online trolls and political disinformation. Cancel culture and Twitter pile-ons. We’re living in a time when truth itself is under perpetual assault by growing numbers of our fellow citizens (and more than a few Russian bots) who simply don’t want to believe anything that they — well — didn’t already want to believe. This rising tide of illiberalism from across the political spectrum has many of us yammering on until

High Conflict: An Evening With Amanda Ripley

New York Times bestselling author and award-winning investigative journalist Amanda Ripley joins us to offer up a brilliant and frame-shifting understanding of conflict from the most distant political conflict to the most intimately personal conflict in our closest relationships from her most recent book “High Conflict: Why We Get Stuck and How We Get Out.” As Amanda introduces us to compelling people in high conflict situations somehow written more like

Stretching Toward Freedom: A Conversation about Florida Emancipation Day

The 6th event in the annual “Created Equal” series – offered by Leon County and The Village Square with support from Florida Humanities (including facilitation by Keith Simmons) features prominent historians marking this momentous history and considering how we continue to stretch toward freedom today. The panel included Florida A&M University’s Dr. Larry Rivers, University of Florida’s Dr. Paul Ortiz, and the founding director of John G. Riley Museum and

Created Equal: Stretching Towards Freedom, A Conversation About Florida Emancipation Day

As part of the award-winning Club of Honest Citizens series, the Leon County Government, The Village Square, and Tallahassee Museum will host the sixth annual “Created Equal: Stretching Towards Freedom, A Conversation about Florida Emancipation Day” on Thursday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. Our panel discussion for the evening will include guest historians, Dr. Larry Rivers from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Dr. Paul Ortiz from the

Rotunda Rendezvous featuring Connecticut’s Old State House

Celebrate National Preservation Month with a very special Rotunda Rendezvous from the Florida Historic Capitol Museum in Tallahassee and Connecticut’s Old State House in Hartford! Gather with us virtually “under the dome” at these two sites of American democracy to hear our unique stories and common themes. After extensive preservation projects, both former Capitol buildings opened as museums that provide civic education experiences for all ages today. To participate in

Marjorie Harris Carr: Defender of Florida’s Environment

Raised by naturalist parents in rural Southwest Florida, Marjorie Carr used the power of the pen and grassroots activism to celebrate Old Florida and protect Florida’s wildlife and wild places, preserving many of north-central Florida’s ecological treasures. This event is funded by the Florida Humanities Florida Talks program, in partnership with the Wakulla Springs State Park.

Steve Noll Lunch and Learn – Democracy in Florida: A Work in Progress

When American revolutionaries waged a war for independence, they took a leap of faith that sent ripple effects across generations. They embraced a radical idea of establishing a government that entrusted the power of the nation not in a monarchy, but in its citizens. That great leap sparked questions that continue to impact Floridians: who has the right to vote, what are the freedoms and responsibilities of citizens, and whose voices will be heard? This talk by Dr. Steve Noll is a springboard for discussions about those very questions and how they are reflected in Florida stories spanning over 300 years.

Student Ambassador Tour: Voices and Votes

Join Museum Student Ambassador Leah “inside” the exhibit room for a brand-new student-led program designed for virtual Museum visitors in Grades 6 through 12. She will share her favorite stories and artifacts in the Smithsonian’s “Voices and Votes: Democracy in America.” The timing of this tour makes it perfect for extra credit or an outside the classroom learning experience.

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