Ayiti Connect: Haitians Contributions to South Florida

The Ayiti Community Trust is hosting a round table discussion focusing on the contributions made by Haitians to South Florida. Part of the “Ti Kont” series, these programs draw from Ayiti’s rich story-telling traditions to shape a narrative about the lived experiences of Ayitian immigrants, their contribution to their immigrant communities, and their enduring connections to Ayiti. This virtual roundtable discussion brings together Haitians from South Florida from various fields

Share Your Love Story: Story Exchange + Pop-Up Exhibit

HistoryMiami Museum and Miami Beach Gay Pride are hosting an engaging workshop inspired by the Legacy Couples Project: 400+ Years of LGBTQ Love exhibition. Attendees are encouraged to bring a meaningful item that reflects the themes of love and relationships. During the story exchange, participants will share the story inspired by their object, and together, will create a pop-up exhibition to be displayed during the event. Legacy Couples Project: 400+

EXHIBITION: The Legacy Couples Project: 400+ Years of LGBTQ Love

Miami Beach Pride and HistoryMiami Museum have partnered to present a second opportunity to see the exhibition The Legacy Couples Project: 400+ Years of LGBTQ Love. Featuring on-camera interviews, personal memorabilia, and audio-recorded stories told to four queer youth from the YES Institute, the exhibition brings to light a community’s story of struggle, perseverance, love, and hope told through the stories of 14 same-sex couples. The stories of these couples,

Neighborhood Explorations with HistoryMiami Museum: Le Petit Haiti, Culture Walk

Join History Miami Museum and 10 Days of Connection to learn about the Haitian diaspora experience with City Tours Guide Jean Dondy Cidelca through the important neighborhood of Little Haiti. The area is home to one of the largest Haitian populations in the United States and bustles with Haitian-owned businesses, creole cooking and unique art – creating one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Miami. Visit the Little Haiti Cultural

Neighborhood Explorations with HistoryMiami Museum: Miami, The Magic City

Join HistoryMiami Museum and 10 Days of Connection for a gallery tour of the exhibition Miami, The Magic City with Resident Historian Dr. Paul George. Featuring images from the late 1800s through the 1980s, Dr. George will share stories that highlight the many layers of life and activities that have shaped Miami over time. Exploring the sharp changes in the city’s development and direction provides a better understanding and appreciation

Unity360 Critical Race Film Series: The Hate U Give

Prepare for a youth takeover! For Black History Month, SFPoC’s Unity360 Critical Race Film Series will be taken over by the young leaders of S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective, who will host the discussion following our screening of The Hate U Give. Based on the award-winning YA novel by Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give was one of 2018’s most anticipated teen films and tells the story of 16 year-old Starr,

Unity360 Critical Race Film Series: Hidden Figures

In 1961, NASA’s eyes were focused on the future, but the agency’s feet were firmly planted in the segregation – by race and sex – of the past. The award-winning film Hidden Figures (2016) is the story of Mary Jackson, Kathryn Johnson, and Dorothy Vaugh, three Black women who were mathematicians at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, and became integral to the success of US efforts in the

Unity360 Critical Race Film Series: Green Book

Need to ramp up those warm fuzzies for the holiday season? That’s what filmmaker Peter Farrley intended with our next offering in SFPoC’s Unity360 Critical Race film series. Called a “feel-good charmer,” 2018’s Green Book swept that year’s awards season, with Oscars wins for Best Screenplay and Best Picture, as well as Best Motion Picture from the Golden Globes and Producers Guild of America. Mahershala Ali, who plays the role

Unity360 Critical Race Film Series: Sorry to Bother You

Despite its title, the film Sorry to Bother You is absolutely unapologetic in its darkly comedic skewering of Corporate America, and as the story of new telemarketer Cassius (Cash) Green unfolds, also has something important to say about race, class, art, and media. The layers of metaphor are seemingly infinite, yet they are packaged with such sharp wit and humor that viewers won’t mind they’re being forced to think. In

Unity360 Critical Race Film Series: Get Out

This series explores popular films through a critical lens in order to assess their overt and implicit messaging in regards to race. Films help shape our societal view, so we will be excavating the tricks and treats in our featured film selections – do they subvert negative stereotypes and tropes or uphold structural racism? Join Lutze Segu, Brittany King, and Heather Burdick, from the relative safety of your own home,

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