Pursuit of Florida Paleo Hunters

Travel back into the last Ice Age and learn about Florida’s first people. Discover how they survived climate change and giant predators. Who were the archeologist that discovered these early hunters’ artifact sites? Were there people living here before the Clovis Tradition and what is the Solutrean Theory? What was their origin? These controversies will be examined, and actual Paleoindian artifacts studied.

Truly Off the Beaten Path

Join James “Zach” Zacharias, Senior Curator of Education and History at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach, as he reveals destinations that even Floridians haven’t discovered. The Museum of Arts & Sciences (MOAS) is the primary art, science and history museum in Central Florida. The area’s largest museum, MOAS is nationally accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate.

The Finest Hour: The True Story of the Coast Guard’s Most Daring Sea Rescue

New York Times bestselling author Michael Tougias returns with slides of the storm, sinking tankers, rescues, victims, survivors and heroes to tell the story of this historic 1952 event, as well as the making of the Disney movie of the same name. And, there is a Florida connection too! Join us online for a program you won’t soon forget! This event is funded in part by a Community Project Grant

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