Cannibals and Kings: A New Look at Jonathan Dickinson’s 1696 Account of the Jobé and the Ais

Sacred Kashi is hosting Dr. Jerald Milanich at the Environmental Learning Center as part of their Visibility + Voices lecture series. Milanich will share accounts from the diary of 17th-century merchant Jonathan Dickinson, written during his journey along the Florida coast in the 1690s. Shipwrecked on the Florida Atlantic coast near Jupiter Inlet, Dickinson and his fellow travelers found themselves among indigenous communities. Afraid of repercussions from Spanish St. Augustine,

Spain’s Pain in 16th Century Florida: French, Afflictions, and the Ais

Sacred Kashi is hosting Dr. Barbara Purdy as part of their Visibilty + Voices lecture series. Dr. Purdy will share archaeological evidence about the indigenous communities who lived in the area prior to historic contact (nearly 13,000 years ago) as well as the interactions of the Ais with the French and Spanish during the historic period beginning in the 1500s AD. Dr. Purdy’s research on the Paeloindian period was the

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