The humanities are an essential pillar supporting both a free society and a free market. The study and discussion of literature, history, culture, philosophy, ethics, and like subjects are not academic fluff. They help us understand ourselves and each other, and in this time of extreme polarization, what could be more important? As our colleagues at the Ohio Humanities Council explain, the humanities introduce us to people we have never met, to places we have never visited, and to ideas that may never have crossed our minds.

Florida’s rich history and current prominence in writing excellence are highlighted in this issue. The legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, said of his own writing, “Good words, in good order, are good enough.” We hope you will enjoy the many examples of very “good words in good order” contained herein.

Finally, the long-time editor of FORUM, Barbara O’Reilley, is retiring after a distinguished career in journalism and here at the FHC. Her standards for factual accuracy and precise writing are the legacy she leaves, and dozens of FORUM editions are a testament to her skills. John Wooden would have liked Barbara. We certainly do. Godspeed.

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Steve Seibert
Executive Director