Since 1971, the Florida Humanities Council has awarded more than $8 million statewide in support of the development and presentation of humanities-rich cultural resources and public programs. These programs and resources help preserve Florida’s rich history and heritage, promote civic engagement and community dialogue, and provide opportunities for reflecting on the future of our growing state.

About our Grant Program

With funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, FHC grants primarily respond to the needs of local communities, but they often address topics of statewide interest. FHC is particularly interested in projects that are collaborative, attract diverse audiences, encourage active participation from the public, and explore humanities topics and disciplines in interesting and engaging ways.

Before you apply

Before beginning the application process, please review the following general eligibility guidelines and grant requirements. Before beginning the application process, please review the following general eligibility guidelines and grant requirements.

So what are the humanities?

The humanities involve the exploration of the human experience by helping people study, tell, interpret, analyze, and document human history and culture—ancient, modern, and everything in-between.

The founding legislation of the National Endowment for the Humanities offers an expansive definition of the humanities: “The term ‘humanities’ includes, but is not limited to, the study of the following: language, both modern and classical; linguistics; literature; history; jurisprudence; philosophy; archaeology; comparative religion; ethics; the history, criticism and theory of the arts; those aspects of social sciences which have humanistic content and employ humanistic methods; and the study and application of the humanities to the human environment with particular attention to reflecting our diverse heritage, traditions, and history and to the relevance of the humanities to the current conditions of national life.”

Is my organization eligible?

Any Florida organization constituted for nonprofit purposes may apply for funding. It is not necessary that organizations be incorporated or have tax-exempt status. Proof of nonprofit status will be required of all approved applicants.

Examples of eligible organizations include libraries, historical societies, museums, local arts and humanities councils, civic and service organizations, public radio and television stations, educational institutions, local government agencies, and ad hoc groups. Academic institutions that submit applications are strongly encouraged to collaborate with community groups.

Applicants may not have a currently open Florida Humanities Council grant.

Individuals may not apply for funding at this time.

What types of projects are eligible for funding?

All projects, unless otherwise specified under a special initiative, must be:

  • rooted in one or more of the disciplines of the humanities
  • enlist the participation of humanities scholars and/or experts in the project’s planning and execution, and
  • engage the public in thoughtful and informed activities that explore humanities topics, including those related to Florida topics and/or of interest to Floridians

The grants projects that we fund must be designed for and open to a general public audience. Typically all programs are free of charge, however modest fees that do not present a barrier to participation will be considered.

Project formats vary, and multiple formats may be combined in one proposal. Recently funded projects have included: lecture series and panel discussions; interpretive exhibits; walking tours, maps and brochures; oral history projects; book and film discussions; and civic engagement forums or town meetings that encourage public debate and discussion. To complement and extend the reach of public programming, some grants have supported the development of print and/or electronic resources such as reading lists, recordings of scholar presentations, classroom resources, and technology projects.

What types of expenses and activities are NOT funded?

The following expenses and/or activities are currently not eligible for FHC funding:

  • indirect costs
  • political action or advocacy
  • fundraising events or products
  • purchase of real property
  • building construction, maintenance, renovation or preservation
  • major acquisitions that are not essential to the success of the project
  • projects not available to the general public
  • projects or programs with fees that present a barrier to public participation
  • programs designed exclusively for, or created by, children
  • visual or performing-arts programs that do not include opportunities for analysis and interpretation
  • scholarly research projects or academic or professional conferences
  • publications not directly related to humanities programming
  • refreshments or entertainment
  • expenses incurred or paid out before a grant award is made
  • scholarships and awards

Additional eligibility requirements or restrictions may be noted for special initiative grants.

How are grants reviewed?

All proposals are reviewed by our staff and members of our board of directors. Notification of funding decisions is made in writing by the date specified. Unfortunately, we always receive more applications than we can fund. Approved projects may receive full or partial funding, are awarded on a competitive basis, and are dependent on the availability of federal funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. If you do not receive funding, you may request copies of the evaluators’ comments.

Is help available with the application process?

If you are uncertain about any phase of the application process, please contact us. We are happy to provide guidance via phone about completing an application, determining eligibility, discussing project ideas, addressing budgetary questions, and troubleshooting technical difficulties with electronic forms. Staff comments and suggestions are based solely on prior experience with grant-review sessions that have included board members. Adherence to staff suggestions does not guarantee approval.

Community Project Grants - 2019

2019 Deadlines Notification Contract Period Funding Amount
01/15/2019 at 12pm EST 03/01/2019 03/01/2019 – 03/01/2020 Up to $5,000
03/20/2019 at 12pm EST 05/01/2019 05/01/2019 – 05/01/2020 Up to $5,000
05/15/2019 at 12pm EST 07/01/2019 07/01/2019 – 07/01/2020 Up to $5,000
07/15/2019 at 12pm EST 09/01/2019 09/01/2019 – 09/01/2020 Up to $5,000
09/16/2019 at 12pm EST 10/31/2019 10/31/2019 – 10/31/2020 Up to $5,000
11/15/2019 at 12pm EST 01/01/2020 01/01/2020 – 01/01/2021 Up to $5,000

Community Project grants provide support for the planning and implementation of public humanities programs and resources that meet the needs and interests of local communities.

All projects must:
  • be rooted in one or more of the disciplines of the humanities
  • enlist the participation of humanities scholars and/or experts in the project’s planning and execution, and
  • engage the public in thoughtful and informed activities that explore humanities topics, including those related to Florida and/or topics of interest to Floridians
Special consideration may be given to the following:
  • proposals from organizations with annual budgets of less than $1 million
  • projects that reach new and/or underserved audiences
  • projects that build on partnerships between two or more organizations or institutions

Before beginning the application process, please review the general eligibility guidelines and grant requirements included below and in the “before you apply” section.

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Grant Forms and Resources

For all grantees:

The below forms and resources are for use by agencies that have been awarded a grant from FHC.

Final Reporting for Community Project Grant Partners:

All final reports can be found in the organization’s online account.

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Logo Use and Acknowledgement

Awarded funds are provided by the Florida Humanities Council through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. All materials publicizing or resulting from award activities must contain an acknowledgement of the Florida Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities support and carry the appropriate logo. The acknowledgement must also include the following statement:

“Funding for this program was provided through a grant from the Florida Humanities Council with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this (publication) (program) (exhibition) (website) do not necessarily represent those of the Florida Humanities Council or the National Endowment for the Humanities.”

When possible, publicity must also include one of the Florida Humanities Council logos below:



Funded Grants

2018 – 2019 Grant Awards

March 2019 Community Project Grants

Blue Planet International Explorers Bazaar & Writers’ Room (Palm Beach)
Florida: Where I’m From – $5,000

The Blue Planet Writer’s Room will engage South Florida teens – many of whom live with challenging circumstances – through film, art exhibition and panel discussions to spotlight Florida life through their eyes.

Crealde School of Art (Orange)
The Sage Project II: Hannibal Square Elders Tell Their Stories – $5,000

The Crealde School of Art will preserve and promote Winter Park’s historic African American community through a documentary featuring photographs and oral histories from the perspective of lifelong residents, aged 80-102.

i3-Jax, Inc. dba Friends of Hemming Park (Duval)
Jax Poetry Fest Community Celebration with Al Letson – $1,500

The Friends of Hemming Park will bring Emmy & Peabody award winning poet Al Letson to Jacksonville’s oldest public park to facilitate a community event designed to engage the public in ideas and solutions to social issues of diversity, inclusion & gun violence.

Jacksonville Public Library Foundation (Duval)
On the Fringe: Blurred Lines of Florida 2019 Folk Music Festival and Workshops – $3,610

The Jacksonville Public Library will host a folk art exhibition in Jacksonville’s Main Library Makerspace Gallery in coordination with the 2019 Florida Folk Music Festival.

Polk Museum of Art (Polk)
Art & Social Justice: The Legacy of the Freedom Riders – $5,000

The Polk Museum of Art will host a two-part program series designed for the general public and students to learn about the work of artist Charles Williams and the history of the Freedom Riders.

Silver River Museum (Marion)
2019 Ocali Country Days – $5,000

The Silver River Museum, in partnership with Florida Park Service and Marion County Public Schools, will host its annual five-day Ocali Country Days, which will include reenactments, musical performances, art demonstration, oral histories and more.

Stonewall National Museum & Archives (Broward)
Stonewall: 50 Years in the Fight for Equality – $5,000

The Stonewall National Museum & Archives will examine the events around the country that led up to the events in June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn to understand why the Stonewall riots became the catalytic movement to secure equal rights for LGBT Americans.

Ten, Global (Broward)
Demystifying Haitian Vodou to Improve Educational and Health Outcomes of Haitian Americans – $5,000

TEN, Global will host three conversations/presentations with national and international Haitian-American scholars and Vodou Priestesses (Manbos) for conversations on what Vodou is and how it operates culturally in lives of Haitian-Americans.

December 2018 Community Project Grants

Barry University (Miami Dade)
Cuba, so close yet so far – $5,000
Barry University in partnership with the Cuban Research Institute at FIU and Centro Cultural Español Miami will host a series of public programs that explore Cuba, particularly the Pedro Pan experience.

Circle of Community Leadership Inc. (Lee)
Civil Rights in the Sunshine State – $5,000
Circle of Community Leadership will host a series of public programs to complement “Civil Rights in the Sunshine State,” a traveling exhibit that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Citrus County Historical Society, Inc. (Citrus)
“Humanatees”: Man and Manatees – $5,000
The Citrus County Historical Society will create an exhibit and speaker series that highlight the history and identity of one of Florida’s most iconic creatures, the manatee.

City of Pompano Beach (Broward)
Pompano Beach Historical Timeline Display – $5,000
The Pompano Beach Historic Preservation Committee will design and fabricate a multimedia exhibit that depicts the 100 year history of the community and its residents.

Easter Seals of Southwest Florida (Manatee)
Coming out of History’s Dark Corners – $5,000
Easter Seals of SW Florida will continue its on-going oral history program that pairs 10th graders from the Out of Door college prep school with students at VIP Academy, a high school program for students with a range of disabilities.

Florida Atlantic University (Palm Beach)
Decolonization Across Disciplines in the Americas Symposium – $1,000
FAU will host a one-day public symposium that brings together scholars from various Florida institutions to discuss decolonization in the Americas with an emphasis on Florida.

Florida Holocaust Museum (Pinellas)
Dr. Susannah Heschel : Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Movement – $5,000
As part of Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Month, the Florida Holocaust Museum will host two, free public lectures by Dr. Susannah Heschel, daughter of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, a friend and confidant of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Opa-locka Community Development Corporation (Miami Dade)
Black Miami in Photographs – $5,000
The Opa-locka Community Development Corporation will curate a photography exhibit based on Dr. Marvin Dunn’s book “Black Miami in the 20th Century” which highlights the lives of Black Miamians during the first 100 years of the city’s history.

Open Books Prison Book Project (Escambia)
Prison Book Project – $5,000
Open Books Prison Book Project will expand its circulation of books distributed to Florida’s incarcerated population.

Ormond Beach Historical Society (Volusia)
From Colored to Black: The Stories of North Central Florida – $2,400
The Ormond Beach Historical Society will host “From Colored to Black”, a theatrical presentation based on oral histories of African Americans from North Central Florida as collected by the Samuel Proctor Oral History program at the University of Florida.

Osceola County Historical Society, Inc. (Osceola)
Traduciendo El Pueblo (Translating the Village) – $1,915
The Osceola County Historical Society will design and print a bilingual self-guided walking tour map for its Pioneer Village.

PAL Public Library Cooperative (Alachua)
Celebrating Authors in Putnam County, Florida – $1,675
The Putnam Alachua Levy “PAL” Public Library Cooperative will host a series of public programs that celebrate local authors in Putnam County.

Pasco County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources (Pasco)
Lectures on the Lawn – Cultural Event Series – $5,000
The Pasco County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources department will host “Lectures on the Lawn”, a series of four community events featuring presenters from FHC’s speakers directory.

Polk County History Center (Polk)
2019 Race and Culture Lecture Series – $5,000
The Polk County History Center will host a six-part speakers series focused on raising racial awareness and promoting cultural diversity in Polk County.

Reflections of Manatee, Inc. (Manatee)
Angola’s Freedom Seekers and Florida’s Underground Railroad – $5,000
Reflections of Manatee will develop a series of public programs and fabricate an exhibit portraying and interpreting the significance of the maroon community of Angola and the role the area played as part of the Underground Railroad.

The Actors’ Warehouse (Alachua)
The American Black Experience: Then and Now – $5,000
The Actors’ Warehouse will host a series of community conversations about race and racism in America following performances of the two plays “The Colored Door at the Train Depot” and “Pipeline”.

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe of Florida (Sarasota)
WBTT Voices: Perspectives on James Baldwin and “The Amen Corner” – $3,270
The Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe of Florida will host two free public programs to complement its production of James Baldwin’s “The Amen Corner” with a panel of scholarly experts discussing Baldwin’s influence on American literature and society.

Previously funded grants

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  • 2016 – 2017 | PDF