Museum on Main Street

Museum on Main Street

The ability to tout a partnership with the Smithsonian created the ability to develop a brand new facility… we proved that there was a demand for a community cultural center.

–Chelsea Young, Director of the Mulberry Phosphate Museum

What is Museum On Main Street?

The Smithsonian is coming to town! MoMS is a partnership of the Smithsonian Institution and state humanities councils nationwide. The program brings high-quality traveling exhibits to small and underserved towns across the state. This comprehensive program provides access to a network of state scholars, programmatic funding, and a wide variety of capacity-building opportunities.

Museum on Main Street is designed to:

  • provide access to state and national cultural resources;
  • increase visibility and capacity of small-town museums;
  • leverage partnerships for sustained impact in the community; and
  • enhance local pride in small towns

Participating MoMS sites receive:

  • A free-standing traveling Smithsonian exhibit
  • $5,000 for programming (i.e. – local exhibits, lectures, panel discussions, etc.)
  • A comprehensive Smithsonian press kit
  • Institutional capacity-building opportunities

Who is eligible to apply?

Non-profit Florida organizations (museums, historical societies, libraries, preservation groups, downtown development groups, governmental agencies, etc.) are invited to apply.

Become a Museum on Main Street Partner:

We are currently accepting applications to host Crossroads: Change in Rural America exhibit during its 2018-2019 tour of Florida.

Is rural America in decline or is it poised for a new renaissance as more Americans become disillusioned with big-city life? The Crossroads traveling exhibition examines the many changes, challenges, and opportunities that rural America faces in the 21st century.

Basic site requirements:

  • Community of less than about 20,000 people – this requirement can be waived if the applicant demonstrates that it serves an underserved group within a larger community;
  • ADA compliant facilities that are secure and climate controlled;
  • Open to the public at least 25 hours per week;
  • At least 800 square feet of available exhibit space;

View the following documents to learn more about the program:

  • Review the full project description and site responsibilities | PDF
  • Review the RFP and application instructions | PDF

To access the on-line application form, applicants must contact Alex Buell, Program Coordinator, at 727-873-2001, to discuss their proposal and receive an application password. No-unsolicited or hard-copy proposals will be accepted. Application deadline: April 2, 2018

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Lanesboro Changing

This moving story explores why people settled in Lanesboro, Minnesota originally in the 19th century, contrasted with a deeply personal and local perspective on what it takes to sustain a small town in the Twenty-First Century. An intimate portrait of community, economics, Main Street and the future of rural America emerges through the lens of the filmmaker, her peers, local business owners, and the town’s decision makers.