Black History Month Programming

Black History Programming

I love when oral history is told as it makes the past come alive. We are indebted to those who came before us for where we are today.

—Mrs Gayle Erskine, The Villages, Florida


About our Black History Special Funding

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month this February! Special funding is available for organizations wanting to bring a Black History presenter to their community this February.

How it works:

  1. Browse the available programs below and select one of interest to your organization.
  2. Contact the speaker to discuss program details (date, time, travel arrangements, etc.).
  3. Submit a Black History program funding application.
  4. After FHC approval, hold your event.
  5. After your event, submit the required final report to receive your funding. Please note that your organization must have an active account before we can send payment. Click here for additional information about the requirement.

Apply Now

Final reporting:

Organizations may request reimbursement up to $500 for approved project expenses. Approved project expenses include: presenter honoraria, travel, lodging, per diem, venue rental, promotion, and other expenses directly related to the program. Every dollar requested from FHC requires at least a one-to-one match. This match can be in cash and/or in-kind contributions.

Online Final Reporting Form