Summer Seminars for Teachers – Mockup

PROOF – Summer Seminars for Educators

This educator seminar opened up a wealth of ideas and knowledge that I could translate into the classroom.

–Florida teacher

What are Summer Seminars for Educators?

FHC partners with Florida Universities to provide educators with humanities themed workshops and seminars. Led by distinguished scholars, the seminars provide strong academic content for Florida teachers from all grade levels and disciplines. The programs are designed to enrich educators and renew their passion for teaching, refresh and expand their knowledge of Florida, and provide access to content and resources for teachers and their students.

Current Programs

Civil War in the American South

Date: June 18-22, 2018
Application Deadline: April 6, 2018
Program Fee: $100

In partnership with the Alabama Humanities Foundation, with support from the HTR Foundation, this five-day workshop will bring together educators from Florida and Alabama to study the Civil War’s impact on the American south. “Civil War in the American South” will be based in Mobile, Alabama, with field excursions around southern Alabama and northwest Florida. Participants will learn about naval warfare during the Civil War and visit Fort Blakely, the site of one of the war’s last battles.

Humanities and the Sunshine State:
Teaching Florida’s Climates

Date: June 25-29, 2018
Application Deadline: March 15, 2018
Program Fee: A processing fee of $100 is due upon acceptance into the program. University of Florida and the Florida Humanities Council cover program costs.

Although Floridians have been making and adapting to changes in their environment for millennia, contemporary climate change is challenging us to take collective action like never before to safeguard the future of our state. In this 5-day, 4-night seminar, Professors and Master Teachers from both the humanities and ecological sciences will introduce us to ways to observe and analyze environmental change integrating perspectives from history, language arts, and ethics. Along the way, we will learn to use a variety of tools to help students understand and consider the need to adapt to a changing climate in the future. This seminar is open to all educators, including full‐time, certified K‐12 public or private school teachers of any subject, media specialists, librarians, guidance counselors, school and district administrators, state college professors, museum educators, and National Park Service and Florida State Park interpreters. Documentation for In-Service credits will be provided. Educators will also develop lesson plan ideas that link workshop content to their own classroom needs. Accommodation will be provided at the Reitz Union Hotel on the UF Campus.

Activities include:

  • Using storytelling techniques to discuss environmental changes
  • Comparing archival, oral historical, and geologic climate data
  • Carbon mapping and studying the history of turpentining in the Austin Cary Forest
  • Reading and writing Climate Fiction
  • Practicing ethical inquiry into environmental stewardship
  • Kayaking and swimming at Florida’s Blue and Poe Springs
  • Systems diagramming the Withlacoochee Preserve salt marsh
  • Retracing Native American terraforming at Cedar Key Shell Mound
  • Boating to Seahorse Key

Confronting the Environmental Crisis:
An Ethical Problem

Date: June 24-29, 2018
Application Deadline: April 10, 2018
Program Fee: A processing fee of $100 is due upon acceptance into the program. Eckerd College and the Florida Humanities Council cover program costs.

This six-day residential workshop focuses on raising educators’ awareness of the critical role that the arts, communication, and culture play in engaging with environmental issues, while equipping teachers with tools that can be used to explore these issues in classrooms across the disciplines.

Our program will deepen educators’ knowledge of Florida’s environmental issues and allow them to explore multiple modes of learning, from field trips, to creative expression, to scenario games, to classroom discussions and activities.

The workshop will also include multiple opportunities for participants to share favorite resources and teaching techniques, as well as to discuss common concerns, all toward the larger goal of giving educators in all fields more confidence in teaching humanities-based materials and confronting environmental issues in their classrooms.

The workshop will begin mid-afternoon Sunday, June 24 and end by 12 noon on Friday, June 29.

Additional Workshop Opportunities

The Civil War Trust is an institutional partner for the Florida Humanities Council’s “Civil War in the American South” workshop. We want to make educators aware of their upcoming summer workshop. A select number of travel scholarships will be made available to participating Florida and Alabama educators.

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