Summer Seminars for Educators

This educator seminar opened up a wealth of ideas and knowledge that I could translate into the classroom.

–Florida teacher

What are Summer Seminars for Educators?

FHC partners with Florida Universities to provide educators with humanities themed workshops and seminars. Led by distinguished scholars, the seminars provide strong academic content for Florida teachers from all grade levels and disciplines. The programs are designed to enrich educators and renew their passion for teaching, refresh and expand their knowledge of Florida, and provide access to content and resources for teachers and their students.

Check back soon for information on 2018 Summer Seminars.

Past Seminars

Civil War in Florida:
Beyond the Battlefield

Known as “the smallest tadpole in the dirty pool of secession,” Florida was the third state to secede from the United States during the American Civil War. Among Confederate states, Florida possessed the lowest population yet provided critical resources in the form of beef and salt. Florida’s economy during Reconstruction was depressed, and African Americans struggled for access to education and political office.

This four-day workshop in Fernandina Beach will explore Florida’s unique history in the Civil War. The workshop is an active combination of lectures and discussions with experts and field excursions to relevant historical sites. Participants will visit a Civil War-era fortification; travel to the plantation of Zephaniah Kingsley and discuss the institution of slavery; and tour of the Olustee battlefield, the site of Florida’s bloodiest Civil War battle.

This workshop is an active combination of lectures and discussions with scholars and local experts as well as field excursions to agricultural enterprises and related sites.

The workshop will begin mid-afternoon Sunday, June 25 and end by 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28.

Date: June 25-28, 2017
Application Deadline: Closed