Summer Seminar for High School Students

This is one of the best educational experiences of my life. I loved the university, the people I’ve met here, as well as the information I received. If I could do it again I would!

–Student Participant

What are Summer Seminars for High School Students?

Each summer we invite rising high school juniors and seniors to participate in our immersive, pre-college humanities seminars at one of Florida’s premiere Universities. Students spend a week engaged in challenging and interdisciplinary study of the humanities by combining classroom sessions with relevant field experiences. By staying in the dorms and working directly with college professors, students get both a preview of the college experience as well as exposure to previously unfamiliar humanities content we hope will excite further exploration.

Check back soon for information on 2018 Summer Seminars.

Past Seminars

Imagining Sustainability:
Waters, Wonders, Waste

Explore the emerging water crisis on a global and local scale. Guided by faculty in fields ranging from literature, to history, to geology, our seminar will examine issues such as the projected effects of climate change, the struggle for justice in communities where water is scarce or polluted, and how cities balance the need for water resources with the obligation to protect natural habitats. Eckerd’s beautiful 188-acre waterfront campus will serve as a basis for hands-on activities including kayaking, underwater film making, exploring local beaches, birdwatching, visiting historic sites, and learning how an urban water treatment system works. Through these experiences, and using the scholarly tools provided by the humanities, we will ask how and why we value our most precious natural resource—and how these beliefs influence our common future.

Date: June 11-17, 2017
Application Deadline: Closed
Tuition: $370 (scholarships available)

Humanities and the Sunshine State:
Florida Water Stories

From our favorite pastimes, to diverse population, to major industries, it is impossible to tell the story of Florida without talking about its waters. Join us for Humanities and the Sunshine State, a week-long residential program at the University of Florida (UF) that mixes college classes, hands-on exploration, field trips, and social activities on the UF campus with the power of storytelling. Together, we will experience the unique history and culture of North Central Florida by handling original historical documents in the UF archives, diving into Florida’s Poe Springs, debating ethical water use in agriculture, exploring Native American life along the Gulf Coast, retracing the Rosewood Massacre, and seeing water futures through art and science fiction. Through the humanities, we will explore how water shaped Florida’s past and continues to shape its present and future. And we will learn digital storytelling techniques to share Florida’s water stories with others.

Date: June 11-17, 2017
Application Deadline: Closed
Tuition: $350 (scholarships available)

Pirates, Protest and Preservation:
Exploring the Stories of St. Augustine

We live in a state whose identity is as much forged by its natural gifts as it is by the imaginations of those who encounter it. Florida is manmade and wild, ancient and modern, paradise and purgatory. Participants of this six-day seminar will look at the people (famous, infamous, and ordinary) who have left their mark on St. Augustine by examining the stories they have told about it. College faculty from the disciplines of Spanish and Latin American studies, history, rhetoric, women’s studies, Florida Studies, coastal environmental science, and literature will conduct classroom and field experiences in an around the city, to include the St. Augustine discovery site, Fort Matanzas, behind-the-scenes tours of the former Ponce de Leon Hotel, the coquina rock quarry on Anastasia Island, Catholic, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian churches and cemeteries, as well as important Civil Rights sites in the historic Lincolnville neighborhood. The culmination of the experience will be a video project in which participants add their own St. Augustine story to the ongoing narrative of this ancient city.

Date: June 11-17, 2017
Application Deadline: Closed
Tuition: $400 (scholarships available)