Speaker’s Program

Speaker’s Program

Bring intriguing scholars and ideas to your community

Our Speaker’s Program connects communities with scholars who specialize in a range of topics. These engaging presenters help share the stories that make Florida special.

Speaker’s Series program applications open each spring. Sign up for our ENews to get an alert when the application goes live.

Applications for Florida Talks programs are accepted on a rolling basis, until funds are used.

Dr. Kitty Oliver, Professor, Florida Atlantic University

“Dr. Oliver was a very engaging speaker. She shared a view for the African American side that we all need to hear. Her lively spirit and mission were evident throughout her presentation.”

Speaker Series Program Attendee

Our work in 2016/2017:

Programs Offered:

Our Speakers’ Directory has information for all presenters and available presentation topics. Organizations can work with presenters in three ways:

Florida Talks

These one-off speaking opportunities are sponsored by FHC and offered around the state.

Speaker Series

Speakers may be asked to participate as part of an FHC Speakers’ Series, a collection of four to six programs.


Speakers may be asked to participate as a scholar or presenter for an organization’s grant project.

Interested in becoming a presenter?

FHC is always searching for new scholars to bring compelling topics to communities around the state.

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Cynthia Barnett and Jack Davis

Florida Talks

Whether you have an interest in art and architecture, or you want to learn more about the state’s connection to soul music, Florida Talks enable organizations to host a one-off, single speaking event in their community. Applying organizations can receive up to $500 to bring a speaker to their community. The Florida Talks program is designated for organizations with an annual budget of $500,000 or less.

Florida Talks is an accelerated process. In most cases, applying organizations receive an application decision within two weeks. The program operates on a reimbursement system. Once you apply and bring a speaker to your community, complete the brief final report to receive the $500 award.

Note that applications for Florida Talks are on a rolling deadline. Applications are reviewed and responded to on a first-come, first-serve basis. When all funds are exhausted for a calendar year, the program will be unavailable until next year.

Here’s what else you need to know to host a Florida Talks program:

  • Review our Speakers’ Directory to decide who you want to bring to your community
  • Contact the speaker and make sure they are available on your chosen date
  • Verify that your organization is registered with SAM.gov. What is SAM.gov?
  • Complete our Florida Talks application. You should hear back within two weeks
  • If you are approved, confirm with the speaker and start to promote your event.
  • After the event, submit your follow-up report to receive payment
  • Complete your final report and submit your check request
  • After receiving payment, reimburse your speaker

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Speaker’s Series

The Florida Humanities Speaker’s Series is an opportunity to deliver a series of high-quality humanities programs to your community. Organizations hosting a Speaker’s Series will recruit and facilitate a series of four to six engaging talks with expert historians, storytellers, researchers, and authors.

Speaker’s Series hosts will receive $5,000 to host these programs, in addition to a comprehensive press kit and statewide promotion of your series. Hosting organizations can create a series based on a particular theme, such as Florida and water, or develop a custom slate of offerings to your community.

Applications to host a Speaker’s Series are all due on the same date. When evaluating applications, the following factors are considered:

  • The partner’s ability to attract diverse audiences
  • Whether the programs will reach socioeconomically disadvantaged communities and residents
  • The number of times an applicant has hosted a series (priority is given to new applicants)
  • Geographic spread of programs; in general, if multiple proposals come from the same area (city or county), only one proposal will be funded

If approved, hosting organizations are required to attend a half-day Project Director’s Workshop. While there, you will have an opportunity to review program requirements and discuss audience-building, promotional tips, and other best practices with fellow hosting organizations. Throughout the series, hosting organizations must maintain the brand of the Florida Humanities Council with appropriate use of our logo and attribution at the start of each program. Audience feedback is also collected for each program. A final report is also required to receive remaining funds.

Here’s what else you need to know to host a Speakers’ Series program:

  • Review our Speakers’ Directory to decide which speakers you want to bring to your community, and the number of events you want to hold (between four and six)
  • Contact the speaker and make sure they are available on your chosen date
  • Complete our Speaker’s Series application
  • If you are approved, participate in a half-day project director’s meeting
  • Confirm with the speakers and begin promoting your events
  • After the event, submit your follow-up report to receive payment
  • Complete your final report and submit your check request

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Browse our roster of speakers and programs:

Need Help?

FHC staff members are happy to provide guidance via phone to help complete an application, determining eligibility, addressing budgetary questions, as well as troubleshooting technical difficulties with electronic forms. Staff comments and suggestions are based solely on prior experience with speaking programs. Adherence to staff suggestions does not guarantee aapproval.

Please contact staff well in advance of an application deadline to ensure a prompt reply.

General Speaker Questions:
Alex Buell

Technical Questions:
Lisa Lennox

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAM.gov?

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a website used by entities doing business with funds from the U.S. government. Because the Florida Humanities Council is partially funded with federal dollars, any organization that receives an award from FHC must have an active account. Visit SAM.gov to learn more and to register your organization.

Who is eligible to apply for a Florida Talks program?

Any nonprofit organization with an annual budget of $500,000 or less.

Who is eligible to apply for a Florida Humanities Speaker Series?

To apply to become a Florida Humanities Speaker Series partner, you must be a nonprofit organization and have a current FHC organizational membership at the $125 level or higher.

How do I know if we have a membership?

Contact Danica Kelly at 727-873-2002 or dkelly@flahum.org to check your membership status or to become a Florida Humanities Council member.

How much honoraria do speakers charge?

It will vary speaker to speaker, however all speakers on our roster have agreed to charge no more than $500 for a program. This amount does not include possible travel expenses.

How much should a speaker get paid?

Members of the Speakers’ Directory have agreed to accept no more than $500 in honorarium for their presentations. The funds received for a Florida Talks program are intended to pay for most expenses related to a speaking event, including honorarium, printing for marketing materials, and facility rental fees (if applicable).

Do Speaking Program funds require a match?

Florida Talks: Florida Talks programs do not require matching funds.

Speakers’ Series: Speakers’ Series programs must be matched at a minimum with an equal amount of cash and/or in-kind services. Approved matches include staff/volunteer time, equipment/facility usage, publicity, and other program related expenses.

When can we book our programs?

A schedule must be submitted as part of your application and programs must take place between September 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019.

How many Florida Talks programs can we book?

One per application cycle.

Can we charge admission to a Florida Humanities Series program?

Yes, however programs must be financially accessible to the public. Admission fees must not present a barrier to public participation.

Can we book speakers that aren’t on your roster?

Not at this time. All speakers must come from our pre-approved roster.

Can I join the FHC Speaker’s Directory?

Yes, see our application page for additional information.

Can we use funding for staffing or facilities?

For Florida Talks programs, none of the requested funds can be used for staffing or facilities. For Speaker’s Series programs, you may use up to 20% of your FHC funds for staffing related to the project. You may only use FHC funds for facilities if you are renting a venue other than your own. Use of your own facility should be part of your cost share.

These programs are funded in part by the Florida Department State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture’.