Funding Alert, June 2019

Dear Friends:

Steve Seibert, Executive Director

For many years, the Florida legislature has generously provided operational and program support to the Florida Humanities Council. This year, the legislature provided zero funding to the Council. State support constituted approximately 25% of our revenue, so we must significantly tighten our belts.

Please understand that the FHC receives the majority of its funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. As of now, this funding is secure. We want to be clear: the Florida Humanities Council will continue to serve. We remain committed to our organizational mission; to provide access to the humanities—to the stories and ideas that make us human—to all Floridians, wherever located.

However, we will need to alter those programs the state funds. Our Speaker Series program will be suspended, no new applications for the community walking tours will be accepted, the number of FORUM publications will be reduced from three to two, and Museum on Main Street exhibits will become contingent on alternative funding. We are notifying our community partners, libraries, museums and historical societies of these modifications.

We believe this is an opportunity to clarify our mission, become more visible and relevant and to rally support for the humanities as essential to a functioning democracy. There are several ways you can join us:

Together, we will continue be an effective organization. We are honored to work with, and for, all Floridians.


Steve Seibert

“As Seibert talked, I thought of the activities I have attended, sponsored in part, by the Council. In my view, the Council’s programming in our communities helps us sustain, protect and preserve all our resources: the environment, history, culture, and art. In sum, our quality of life.”
⁠— Margo Pope

I just shudder to think what the cultural life of Florida would be like without the Florida Humanities Council.

— Historian Raymond Arsenault

We need to continue to have programs like this to remind us
of our history and bring light to overlooked individuals who have contributed positively to our society.
— Program attendee

Florida Humanities Council is one of my favorite organizations. I like what you’ve done for Florida and the ways you’ve done it.
—Project Director