Life and Death at Windover: Excavations of a 7,000-year-old Pond Cemetery

Presented By Rachel Wentz

Explore one of the most ancient, well-preserved archaeological sites in North America. The 7,000-year-old Windover archaeological site was a pond used for the interment of the dead and produced over 160 individuals whose analyses have provided insight into the life and health of people during Florida’s Archaic period.

Dr. Rachel Wentz graduated from Florida State University with a PhD in Anthropology and specializes in the analysis of human remains with foci on ancient disease and population health. Her master’s thesis was an analysis of fracture frequencies among the Windover skeletal population; a 7,000-year-old site in Titusville, FL. Her doctoral dissertation was a bioarchaeological assessment of the same population. Dr. Wentz has also analyzed remains from Little Salt Spring and Calico Hill, both prehistoric sites in Florida. She has done skeletal work in St. Croix, England, and Ukraine and obtained experience in forensics at the C.A. Pound Human Identification Laboratory at the University of Florida. She has taught courses in physical anthropology, human osteology and forensic anthropology at Florida State University and serves on the Brevard County Historical Commission. Today Dr. Wentz is a Regional Director of the Florida Public Archaeology Network.

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Rachel Wentz